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The back up vocalist.

So had my second gig in Austin tx , with Serafia Jane, Kenneth burnside and Tom; I don’t know Toms last name. lol. I think singing back up for a beautiful woman like serafia is really exciting, and really helping me build confidence with myself; to one day be the lead for my own band one day. I mean I’ve done it before its not that hard. But I just want to make sure I have the look and presence I need to really make it, I think doing this is ok. And plus im doing it every Friday night now. How lucky am I to be downtown austin with a spot where every one wants to be as a back up vocalist for Serafia Jane one of the up and coming divas of our generation. Love it!!!!!!

Had a great run through photo-shoot yesterday.

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holy dicks, that’s useful

crap i needed this man


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Electric hair.

This is absolutely one of the defining styles of our generation.

A recap on ww2

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I just died.

5oo Days of Summer became real life…it just happened

this is so cute. <3 awwwmyygossshh.

So so so cute

My valentine

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